Subproject 6 (P6) - Proteomics in liquid biopsies

Project lead

Prof. Dr. Timo Gemoll, Sektion für Translationale Chirurgische Onkologie und Biomaterialbanken (STCOB), UKSH

Project description

The subproject "Identification of proteins for optimized therapy intervention" aims to detect proteins in the blood that can indicate an early disease relapse. The earlier a disease relapse is detected, the greater the chances of preventing further progression of the disease by means of a medical treatment change. 

What are proteins? Proteins are very important to our bodies. Proteins provide building material in our body for muscles, organs and blood, but also for the defense against diseases. Cancer, for example, usually develops as a result of tumorigenic proteins that are detectable in our blood, among other things. In our project we want to detect exactly these proteins via a special application, mass spectrometry, in order to achieve our above mentioned goal. Mass spectrometry is a perfect tool to detect and identify unknown proteins in a blood sample by weight determination.

Participating researchers